Meetings without Masks

Meetings without Masks: 'Naked Dating', by Jan Day

Meetings without Masks: 'Naked Dating', with Jan Day

Meetings Without Masks is a one day event designed specifically for men and women who are currently single and who would like to meet each other in an atmosphere of trust, sincerity, fun and authenticity. It’s for people who long for meaningful contact, for a feeling of being “naked with your clothes on”, who want to see and be seen. The day is designed to put you at ease, to enable you to relax deeply into your own being and to meet others in a series of guided meetings. It is both fun and challenging, both your laughter and your tears are welcomed, and it is  open to everyone who is single and sincerely wants to meet other people.

You can read more about Meetings without Masks at;

Meetings without Masks currently happens bi-monthly in Belgravia and the next event is 19th September.

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