Coaching for Joy – Individual Coaching with Jan

Jan offers coaching sessions, in person or by phone, to support and encourage you in finding your own art of being in your everyday life. Coaching can be a very effective way of integrating what you have learned and experienced in the workshop setting into your everyday life.

If you would like to find out if Coaching for Joy sessions would suit you, please email or call one of the numbers below to make an appointment for a free sample session:

Contact Jan in England by phone on: 020-8123 9831 or in the USA on 870-619-4080

Jan is a certified CTA coach.

First step: a free 20 minute sample session is offered to anyone who is seriously considering coaching.

The sessions are normally by telephone. The sample session gives you a taste of the way coaching could work for you, and gives us both an opportunity to see if we would enjoy working with together. Coaching is a ongoing commitment on us both to show up. We need to make sure we’re both going to enjoy it.

Second step: after your sample session, I’ll ask you to review what you have discovered and if the session was useful. If you want to go ahead and book a series of sessions either by telephone or in person you can do that right away or in the future after you’ve considered it.

Series of coaching sessions: Having a coach is like having someone there to encourage, challenge and cheer you on. I’m on your side, and that means that sometimes I may challenge you or ask you to reflect on something that enables you to see things from a different perspective or see new possibilties.

In between sessions: When you sign up for a series of coaching sessions, you also get the benefit of ongoing support in between sessions if you need it. We will also usually agree on some assignments or practices that you will do from one session to another to support you creating the life you want to be living.

What people say:

“I really appreciated the way you hold space and focus for your clients to find their own conclusions. There is an element of strength in your work that feels like you provide a space in between firm pillars that create a container for save exploration and creative inquiry, until a solution or a “next steps-scenario’ has been found. Very loving and effective at the same time!” – Shanti Schnedler

“To put the coaching support in a sentence, I would say it is like setting guide boards. They help to lead on the path to start to get into new things and situations or help to find out of some difficult patterns that do not serve on the way to self empowerment. It also helped deciding to let go of some ideas again because I just wanted too many goals on the way or it helped me to be aware of obstacles on the path and to keep on walking anyway in my own unique rhythm. At the end of  eight coaching sessions with you, I have turned my life upside down. It was an intense year with a lot of different kinds of influences and one was your coaching, which helped me to find my way through, like a lighthouse in the ocean of life’s beauty and storms.” - Gabriella, Germany


For more information about the course content, e-mail or call +44-(0)20 8123 9831 (leave a message and we will call you back).